Subtitle: Nostradamus says that Jesus returns in the year 2797; is he correct after all?

By Pasi Toivonen

At first glance, this question may sound almost like blasphemy, since the "official" doctrine among the Protestant Conservative Christians in America and elsewhere is, that Jesus will return at anytime, taking His Church with Him, and soon after that the antichrist appears and starts a seven year Tribulation period.

After the year 1998, people have expected Jesus' return because of the appearing new Millenium, and I saw prophecies about the immediate rapture even in Bill Koenig's site which I consider a sensible site otherwise. Now, all these prophecies have turned out to be false.

And, when the War on Iraq began in March 2003, some of these Christians thought that soon USA will begin to build The Great Babylon -- prophecied in Revelation chapter 17 and 18 -- in the country; and Cutting Edge Ministry thought that American troops will face massive loss because of Saddam's secret weapons. Thet both were wrong: Saddam did not have secret weapons; and because of continual terror strikes, people have realized that Iraq will not rise, not at least for a long, long, time. What is the result? The Great Apathy among Christians. George W. Bush's popularity has gone down, and many Christians do not expect Jesus' return so ardently anymore. And, number of people who attend to Church Service will go down. There is a diagram below that shows that number of Christians in America goes down up to 30,000 per day! This is the price we have to pay for material prosperity.

Nostradamus wrote (Centurie X:74) that the Millenium comes, with the dead rising from graves, after 7,000 years from Creation. In the letter to his son, Michel Nostradamus says that the world would end in the year 3797. Thus, the Millenium would start in 2797. I don't know whether Michel Nostradamus is saved or not but it is possible that God has spent him anyway. At least, his predictions have been fulfilled better that the prophecies in the Bible Code.

We know that Iraq will not rise for a long, long, time. But, my opinion is that the country is still going to be rebuilt sooner of later. This is so because prophet Zechariah mentions the land of Sinear in Chapter 5:11. Now Iraq is in so bad condition because of continual terror strikes and Depleted Uranium that it will take hundreds of years to rebuilt that country. But, she probably will be rebuilt, after USA is destroyed. If Nostradamus' prophecies were incorrect and the Battle of Armageddon waged within the next 30 years, then we would conclude that the land of Sinear is nothing but a symbolic language. For me, it is difficult to interpret Bible this way.

Finally, Nostradamus' prophecies does not have any contradiction with Jesus' words in Luke 21:29. In the verses 20-24 Jesus speaks about the destruction of Jerusalem which occured in 70 A.D. He also speaks about the generation which sees how the Figtree gets the leaves. There are two possible roads:

1) This means Israel's physical reborn, and the generation who is witnessing this can also see the Third World War and the rapture which takes place during that war. The Battle of Armageddon will be waged eight hundred years later.

2) Jesus speaks about Israel's spiritual reborn (Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17-18). But, this happens after hundreds of years.

If Nostradamus is correct, then, the WW3 will be waged soon, but after this, there will be a dark period of eight hundred years with famine and natural disasters. No wonder why Christians do not want to believe this. Do we have to face eight hundred years of suffering before God's Millenium? Only time will tell.