Me, My Studies and My Work:

I am married to Elina and we have two sons, Hugo and Juho.
I have worked as economist in Federation of Finnish Enterprises (SY)
Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). and
Vates Foundation.
Nowadays I work as economist in AFIEE and I'm entrepreneur in Konsultit 2HPO.

Previously I worked and studied at the University of Helsinki (Alumni)
 at the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Social Sciences
 and in the Helsinki Center of Economic Research, HECER (FDPE).
 My minor subjects were Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics and Political Science.
 Research at the University of Helsinki and Finnish Research. Academy of Finland.
I went to the junior level of comprehensive school in Tuovilanlahti and the secondary level
 in Maaninka. (I come from TuovilanlahtiMaaninka.)
And I was in the upper secondary school of Kuopio Lyseo.

Working Papers;
 Formula apportionment as Part of Harmonisation of Corporate Taxation in Europe, VATT (2005).
 Investment Incentives in CHCs and Finland's 2005 Tax Reform, HECER (2005), VATT (2006).
 Calculations of Corporate and Capital Tax Reform, VATT (2004).
 Measuring Tax Burden on Labour, Capital and Consumption, VATT (2003).
 Measurement of Tax Burden on Direct Investment, VATT (2000).
Licentiate Thesis; Suorien sijoitusten verorasituksen mittaaminen efektiivisellä
   keskimääräisellä veroasteella - Measurement of Tax Burden on Direct
   Investment by Effective Average Tax Rate, HY (2002).
Master Thesis; Verotuksen harmonisointi ja verokilpailu - pääomatulo-
   ja hyödykeverotus, HY (1999).
Scientific Articles;
 Investment Incentives in CHCs and Finland's 2005 Tax Reform, FEP (2006).
 Corporate and Capital Tax Reform 2005 in Finland and Effective Tax Burden, 2004.

 Ekonomisk nationalrapport: Finland. In book: Årsbok för Nordisk Skatteforskning 2003. 
   Nordisk Skattevetenskaplig Forskningsråd,
Universitetsförlaget, Oslo (2003).
 Katsaus verorasituksen mittausmenetelmiin. Kirjassa: Verokilpailu ja Suomen
   verojärjestelmä, WSOY (2003).
Memos, articles and columns;
 Economy in Confederation of Finnish Industries 
 Research of Federation of Finnish Enterprises, YrittäjäSanomat and Yrittäjä Papers
Statistics and Research of AFIEE and Wage Statistics
 Research of Vates Foundation and Kyvyt Käyttöön Paper
 Women Entrepreneurs

My Hobbies:

My hobbies are Having fun; SavO nation and SavO Seniorit.

And Watching sports - e.g. Ice hockey (SM-league, Finnish Ice Hockey).
 Go, KalPa!!! Musta Verkosto and Sudeetti Verkosto.
There is also inline hockey and rink ball team in Kuopio - Veikot ja TNC.
National game of Finland, Finnish baseball, is also
 an interesting game
(Superpesis); Puijon Pesis and SiiPe.
Number one is of course Football - FF2 (Finnish League, 1st DivisionCup and FA of Finland).
 Naatitaan, KuPS, naatitaan!!! Banzai - KuPS Fan Club - Kapakka-Banzai.
 Other soccer clubs in Kuopio: Kings SC, KuFu and Pallokissat.
 Junior Football Club I-HK, Vantaa, and my own team I-HK P 06
One of the largest junior tournament in the world - Helsinki Cup.

Volleyball is also played in Savo. Sampo, Puijo Wolley and Savo Volley.
Puijo is one of the biggest center of winter sports in Finland.
Kuopion Reipas is the athletic club in Kuopio.
Maaningan Mahti is the sports club in Maaninka.
Welhot is the floorball team and Linkki the basket ball team in Kuopio.
Don't forget to rest! Relaxation of your head and your whole body.