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Ohjelmatoimisto Telaketju

Translation by
Julian Dawe


Black Passat History

Back in 1994, Juhani Nisula, Juha "Big" Saarinen
and I were sat in a bar. At some stage the booze
started doing its job and like all drunken
musicians we formed a band. Nisula and I had
been a year without playing after the break up
of Elvis Breznev. The need to play was probably
already visible on our faces. At some point in the
evening we started to discuss that I had never
played in the same band as Juha. Suitably Juha's
own band Big Boy had started to "wind up" so
there was nothing to prevent some experi-
mentation. The first rehearsal was mad. We
didn't agree what songs to play or anything.
We just went to the rehearsal room and the
first song or really jam lasted almost an hour.
This was not just the basic jamming of a qualified
trio, but we went through all sorts of timings
and tones.

Also on this day the ideology came that in our
band there must be space for improvisation in
each number. Also there was the idea that
whoever knew the words, had to sing the track.
Thus by accident was born the trio where
everyone is a soloist. Suddenly after a few
rehearsals there was already dozens of numbers
and a band ready to gig.

Everything depends on luck, like this, that at the
same time in Seinäjoki some motorists were
organising a party and were looking for a band
that plays 70s music. We matched there like
a nose on a face. The only thing missing was
a name. The same year Black Sabbath had
performed at Provinssi Rock (Finland's best rock
festival - held in Seinäjoki), and we joked that
couldn't we be Black Passat? Saarinen said that
lets put blues on the end so everyone knows its
about music. So there was Black Passat Blues as
our first gigs working title, and somehow it has
stuck as our name.

In the early years we played randomly, then we
all had our own projects like a studio, theatre,
sound reproduction firm and other bands. BPB
was like therapy. We were really lazy when it
came to finding gigs and played only when we
were asked. The situation changed sometime
at the end of the 90s, when we decided to play
more shows and actively sort gigs.

Our first official record was "Strange
Brew" that concluded the Promo
-2000 compilation album. Our first
CD "Demos & Bizarres" came into
being somewhat by accident.
Soundwall studio had moved to new
premises during 2001/2002 and at
the same time changed to a digital
format. A "live-test" was required
and naturally BPB were chosen as
Juha works at that forgery. A couple
of dozen tracks were recorded. Many
phases and much experimentation
later (primarily due to studio techni-
calities) the tracks were mixed. The
end result was pleasing especially to
the studio staff, who almost forced
us to release the record.

These days we are giging almost as
frantically as stars. Always taking
into consideration that we each still
have our own projects/work for strain
and love. Maybe that's just why we
need this therapy and with this band
its always enjoyable where ever we
gig. It's clearly visible that we enjoy
playing and the good feeling we get
communicates itself to the listeners.

Towards new adventures
Esko Takamäki / Black Passat